Thursday, October 11, 2012

The art of blending teas and the next giveaway!

Welcome to the second herbal giveaway being hosted by Methow Valley Herbs. 

I've honestly been blown away at the response and comments people have been leaving. Rosemary has touched so many people lives with her herbal inspirations. I know a lot of you have been able to see her in action for the first time with John's video series and she is undoubtedly continuing to spread her herbal wisdom and inspiration through these videos. 

Thank you for participating in this giveaway to help spread the word about these really fun videos from Rosemary! 

The Art of Blending Teas

I have a little secret to share... it took me years of being an herbalist to make nice tasting tea blends. It really is an art! In my beginning years as an herbalist I was more concerned with therapeutics, not taste. Medicine isn't supposed to taste good right? 

Luckily for myself, family and clients I've learned teas can be effective medicine AND taste good. 

Have you seen Rosemary's latest video? In this video she talks about how to blend teas and shares one of her most famous recipes. 

Who won the giveaway? 

Thanks again to everyone for participating in this giveaway. I had no idea I would get such a huge response! I also wasn't anticipating all the nice things people were going to say about my work at Methow Valley Herbs. I feel especially inspired to continue sharing quality (and free!) herbal knowledge - along with my love of photography of course! 

Using a random number generator I've drawn the following name for the winner of the bee balm goodies. 

Cory from Aquarian Bath!!!! 


What's next in the giveaway? 

Next up in my giveaway extravaganza is elecampane goodies! Elecampane root is one of my favorite herbs for coughs, especially those thick congested coughs. However elecampane's virtues extend far beyond colds and flus. It can help strengthen the lungs (some herbalists use it in asthma blends) and is a wonderful digestive bitter as well. 

This strongly pungent and bitter herb infuses really well into honey, but can also be made into a tincture, tea or infused into port wine. I often add elecampane root to my elderberry syrups too. 

You can find dried elecampane root fairly easily. Look for it at your local apothecary or Mountain Rose Herbs.  

But unless you grow it or wildcraft it is difficult to find the fresh roots. So, for this herbal giveaway I am giving away some beautiful medicine that I made from the fresh roots straight from my garden! 

This set includes: 

1. Elecampane tincture (2 oz - value $22)
2. Elecampane root infused honey (4 oz - value $20)
3. A bitters blend using Elecampane. (value $22)

How you can enter the giveaway. 

There are SEVEN ways you can enter this giveaway. You can do all seven and increase your chances of winning! Remember to leave separate comments for each thing you do! AND remember to leave your name in your post so I can identify you as a winner!

1. Visit this link to watch Rosemary make her gypsy tea.  Leave a comment on this blog post saying that you watched the videos. 

2. Leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite tea recipe, either one you made yourself, or from someone else. 

3. Sign up for my newsletter and get a free ebook on the Taste of Herbs (Look for the sign up in the upper left column of this blog.) Leave a comment on this blog post to say you did so! If you've already signed up leave a comment about why you like my newsletter (I'll just assume you like it if you are on it!). 

4. "Like" my Methow Valley Herbs page on Facebook and leave a comment on this blog post saying you did. (If you've already liked my page you can leave a comment about what you like about the page.)

5. Share this photo on my FB page and leave a comment on this blog post about it. 

6. Tweet this blog post and leave a comment on this blog post about it.

7. Pin the images on this blog and leave a comment on this blog about it. 

Again, remember to leave separate comments for each thing you do and include your name! 

The giveaway ends at 9:00 am PST on October 13th, 2012! At that time I'll draw the winner's name, announce the winner and start the next giveaway. 

In total there will be three separate herbal gift sets to win! 

Good luck! 


Reverend Jeannine Bakriges said...

I love elecampane! I've grown it in my garden for year. The leaves are delightful and rather exotic looking. The root makes a great dye. The flower reminds me of a 'big sister' dandelion!

A fave tea blend I make for chest congestion includes organic thyme, boneset, elder flowers, and hibiscus petals.

Sue Kusch said...

Watched the video this morning and am looking forward to the next one, showing her gardens!

denise delosa said...

lovin these give aways!!!!! I am out of Elecampane so perfect timing!

the Dyhanaverse said...

watched Rosemary's video, love her!

the Dyhanaverse said...

I also subscribe to and enjoy your blog. :)

Mary said...

I am really enjoying Rosemary's videos!
I love the support amount the herbal community!

MarcyL43 said...

Here is my tea recipe. perfect to sit on the swing and enjoy the out of doors.

Tranquillity Tea
2 parts Red Clover blossoms
2 parts Rose Hips
1 part German Chamomile flowers
1 part Peppermint leaves

After yesterday, I thought everyone would enjoy the recipe I have no idea where I got it from:

Monarda Spead

1 8 Oz. pkg. cream cheese
½ cup butter or margarine softened
1 Tbls. Fresh Bee Balm flower petals, chopped
1 Tbls. dried dill

Mix cheese and butter together with flowers and dill. Mix well. Add one Tbls mayonnaise if you like the mix more spreadable. Chill overnight and serve with crackers, vegetable stick or bagel chips.

Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh said...

As a herbal tea lover I was thrilled to watch this video. What a great and unique tea!

Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh said...

I enjoyed that video, what a great tea and what a great woman!

Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh said...

I did not get a chance to post to facebook yesterday, so I made sure to do so today!

lsaboe said...

just watched Rosemary...she's so knowledgeable and engaging. What a pleasurable learning experience. Can't wait to blend up a batch of this tea.

Lynda said...

Watched Rosemary's video. I have had a cold/crud for two weeks now. I think I need to make this tea for myself! It couldn't have come at a better time.

Lynda said...
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Lynda said...

Posted a link to Rosemary's video on FB page.

Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh said...

Was able to get my Pin link to work so I pinned the elecampane information to Pinterest!

Erin said...

My current favorite tea to sip is:

1 part mullein
1 part yarrow
pinch dried orange zest
slightly bigger pinch hibiscus flowers

Alise said...

I have watched Rosemary's videos, and am greatly encouraged to try more teas for improved health instead of mostly tinctures.

Alise said...

My favorite tea is this:

Stamina Tea
3 parts eleuthero
2 parts dried burdock root
2 parts dried licorice root
1 part dried (or 2 parts fresh chopped) ginger root
1 part cinnamon chips
1 part cardamom pods

I am not sure where I found this, but possibly from a Mountain Rose Herbs catalog?

Jane said...

I watched Rosemary's video. She charms me! And her rich experience with the herbs shines.

Jane said...

Favorite tea to make? Well, I made the Gypsy Cold Tea for myself just a couple of days ago! I love Elder, Yarrow, and Peppermint as plants and teachers, and enjoy each of them separately (just love the nutty flavor of Elder flowers; I admire Yarrow for its helpfulness with bleeding wounds (and work with fever), and Peppermint is fun, fun, fun. Together when I've got a cold or flu I feel very supported!

Beth said...

liked your facebook page.

Beth said...

I also watched the video and enjoyed it very much. :)

Beth said...

signed up for your email newsletter. I already follow your blog and find it very informative.

Laura Loewen said...

I enjoyed the tea-making video. It's nice to see the famous Gypsy Cold Care being made (in a lovely Bennington Pottery bowl, too).

I look forward to better skill with blending as I learn more and work with plants more and more.

Laura Loewen said...

I'm wayyy too new at this to have a favorite tea recipe, but right now I adore your Rosewater Chai.
I also love Sassafras a whole lot. I haven't yet learned what it DOES, but I've been digging the roots and making tea of it since I was 10 or so. I think it might combine well with some other roots and barks, but that's as far as I've gotten.
I'm sorry for this lame post, but I'd really like to win the elecampane goodies, so what the heck.

Laura Loewen said...

I have just pinned the beautiful, sunny elecampane flower picture on pinterest in my "herby" folder. It's so pretty, and I've only ever seen it growing once (and thought "what IS that?" and looked it up).

Laura Loewen said...

Aaaannnnd I like your page on facebook because (let's see, how can I phrase it differently from yesterday's bee balm attempt!?)
1) It's wonderful of you to put it out there for all of us
2)The photographs are gorgeous
3) I like your taste, so I love trying the recipes
4) you know lots of good stuff
Thank you!

Nichole Franklin said...

My new favorite tea blend is one that I made myself! I'm pregnant so I wanted to make a blend with Red Raspberry leaf that actually tasted nice :-)
1 part Red Raspberry leaf
1 part Peppermint
1/2 part lemon grass
a samll amount of rosehips

Nichole Franklin said...

Loved Rosemary's tea video and the honey/onion syrup. Made it yesterday for my hubby and added garlic & ginger. I had been making a similiar mix in a fresh tea, but this is much easier to take!

Nichole Franklin said...


Nichole Franklin said...

Been loving this newsletter, learning lots of new stuff and able to keep up with some of the offerings for new classes. Thanks for putting the time in to keep teaching others!

Genevieve said...

I watched Rosemary's video, I love it! I love elecampane also.

Debra Page said...

Watched Ms. Rosemarys' tea video this moening. Wonderful. Yoou and she have such a natural grace it is a joy and a blessing. Thank you.

Sarah said...

I watched the video, I am loving that Rosemary is making videos now!

Sarah said...

I like your facebook page.

Sarah said...

I pinned this giveaway to my board.

KP said...

I watched the video this morning and am looking forward to the next one! rosemary is such an inspiration

KP said...

My favorite tea recipe is just a simple chamomile and lavender - 3 parts chamomile to 1 part lavender - so relaxing.

Jean said...
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Machele Mueller said...

Just watched Rosemary's video.Can't wait to try the tea.Well actually I can wait cause that would mean someone is sick :)

Machele Mueller said...

I shared photo on my facebook page

Machele Mueller said...

Just liked you today.So far I love it.Lots to learn

Machele Mueller said...

My fav. tea today is marshmallow root & viola for the bladder

Machele Mueller said...

I pined the picture/recipe.
Thank you for sharing

Machele Mueller said...

I signed up for your newsletter and got the free ebook on the Taste of Herbs.Can't wait to read it :)

Machele Mueller said...

I don't know how to tweet it :(

Robb Clifford said...

Great video on tea blending. Big fan of the "boxed" variety... have to try my hand at blending some of my own!

Robb Clifford said...

3.) Only been on the email list for a short while... best thing is herbal updates!

Robb Clifford said...

4.) Liked you on facebook for the last drawing... so far it's been fun!

Robb Clifford said...

7.) Pinned it on a new board.

zamira moraga said...

It is very inspiring and helpful to have these videos. I joined herbmentor and follow Holly Drake but it is a bit scary each time I try something different because there's no one to hold your hand (so to speak). With the videos it makes it so appealing and helpful. Thank you very much for sharing. I also like your site and have most of your ebooks. Thank you.
Zamira Moraga

zamira moraga said...

I forgot to mention my fav tea is the mixture i make of nettle and elderflowers. Sometimes I throw mint in there but I always steep a quart overnight. It helps me physically and mentally.

Finamoon said...

Watched Rosemary's tea video today. I didn't know that she started Traditional Medicinals! Very cool!

Finamoon said...

Dandelion Herbal Chai
I got this recipe off of the Herb Garden website.
It is very good and better that the caffeinated versions of Chai tea i.m.o.


1 Part Dried Raspberry Leaf
1 Part Dried Dandelion Root
1 Part Dried Dandelion Leaf
1/8 Part slightly crushed Cardomom
1/8 Part slightly crushed Cloves
1/8 Part slightly crushed Cinnamon sticks
1/8 Part Dried or crystalized Ginger
1/8 Part Allspice
1 Vanilla Bean - or less if needed
1/16 Part Whole Peppercorn

Combine 1 Tablespoon of Chai mixture per cup of boiling water. Remove from heat, cover and let steep for 10 minutes. I reheat the resulting Chai mixture before continuing. Strain and sweeten. Add hot milk and serve.

Finamoon said...

Love your newsletter! It is always enlightening!

Finamoon said...

I shared the photo on my FB