Monday, May 12, 2008

Pickled Dandelion Buds

My friend Kimberly Gallagher mentioned she is trying to do one new thing with her favorite plants this year. That seemed like a great idea to me, and so in that spirit I tried pickled dandelion buds.

Recently I harvested whole dandelion plants from a local farm so that I could use the roots (for beverages) and the leaves for pesto. Once home I realized that although at first glance the plants were not in flower, hiding in the baselette of the dandelions were lots and lots of unopened buds... Hmmm, I thought, haven't I heard you could pickle these?

Luckily google came to my aid and I got this recipe from the folks at:

I started by separating the flower buds from the stems. I just took the ones that were smaller and didn't have a lot of formed bracts. (Although some I just removed the bracts.) I ended up with a decent amount. When selecting your buds, you definitely want to make sure that the flower buds are close tight and have never been opened before.

I then chopped up some onion, garlic, and ginger and put all of that in a mason jar. I filled the mason jar about a 1/3 of the way with tamari and the rest of the way with apple cider vinegar. I'll wait a couple weeks before sampling.

Has anyone else used the unopened buds before? I've sampled them before while out foraging, but this is my first recipe. I am excited to see how it turns out.


hmsklgrma said...

Yea! My favorite part of the dandelion, the bud! As a child, my grandmother used dandelions a lot. Her neighbors always laughed about her "exploding wine."

Grandmother's herb experience came from the fact that she was raised on the Yakima Reservation as her father was one of the first Agricultural Agents to the Yakima Tribe. She dug camas roots and had a lot of traditional knowledge about wild foods.

Anyway, it seemed I frequently picked the buds for her since I could crawl around the ground easily. Sauteed dandelion buds became my favorite. Quick to fix and so delicious as well as nutritious. I fix them with a bit of garlic salt. But adding some onion would be good. I have also used them in omelets and I have a recipe for Salmon-Dandelion Bud Quiche.

Rosalee de la Foret said...

Sounds great - thanks for sharing!

K_Nash said...

Have you had a chance to sample these yet?

I squirreled around in my lawn looking for dandelion buds because this article got me interested. Alas, they have all bloomed and seeded here, so all I found were bitter old greens.

Rosalee de la Foret said...

Yes! I have sampled them, and they are delicious. If you come to visit I'll save you some... :)

Wildcrafter said...

Good to know my recipes are getting out in the world. I have been making those pickled dandelion buds for 20 or so years and teach my apprentices how to pickle herbs each spring and summer.