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This is a resource page for Herbal CSAs. I created this page to support herbalists and those looking for quality herbal products from grassroots herbalists. 

What are Herbal CSAs? 
Herbal CSA's are modeled after Community Supported Agriculture models. This model is a way to support herbalists before and throughout the growing and harvesting season. 

Generally how they work is you sign up for an herbal share that is anywhere from three months to a year in length. Each month you receive herbs and herbal products from your herbal CSA.

Read more about CSAs here. 

Herbal CSA's are such a wonderful way to offer high quality, hand crafted herbal products to the public, while also adding the educational component that is so important.  More and more people are becoming interested in learning about herbs and how to use them, but they tend to be nervous or afraid and don't know where to begin.  Herbal CSA's can help bridge that gap, guiding folks through months of education of how they can introduce herbs regularly into there lives, hopefully leaving them confidant to further continue using herbs after their CSA has run it's course. 
 Kathi Langelier

If you would like to find an herbal CSA in your area do a "find" feature on your browser and look for your state. 

Also, many herbalists ship their herbal CSAs all over the US. 

Want to be included?
If you would like your herbal CSA to be featured here please send me an email with CSA in the subject line and include the following information: 

  • Name (yours or the company)
  • Location (and where you serve - long distance, etc)
  • URL of your business (or how folks can learn more/sign up)
  • Description of your CSA. (look below for examples on length)

List of Herbal CSA providers

The Lady's Slipper Ring Self-Care Herbal Membership
A hybrid CSA/Home study course for Sacred Self Care

Ships from Massachusetts, USA

~ Monthly mail delivery of exquisite, handcrafted artisan herbals, ranging from medicinal elixirs, healing herbal skin care potions, aromatic & perfume treasures, gorgeous beauty creams, and seasonal balms. Handcrafted with only the freshest ingredients, wildcrafted and organic botanicals, with over 20 years experience. Each month's collection will be either 3-4 items (creams are delivered once per season for 4 creams total). 

~ Monthly home study invitations, resources, inspirations, and nature based empowerment, via printable pdf documents

~ Seasonal email check in for mentorship, support, acknowledgement and guidance

~ Free issues of Herbal Roots Zine, for your herbal learning adventures and deepening

~ Private facebook group for sharing, optional

~ Graduation gift: handmade ceramic lady's slipper orchid pendant

~ 10% Discount code for anything in the shop for the duration of your year

The Lady's Slipper Ring is a year-long commitment to one's self. It enrolls in September-October and runs Nov-Oct. Please sign up for the newsletter to stay connected! 


Apothecaria Herbs, by herbalist Katie Wolk
Location: Toronto, Ontario (Canada) I serve the Greater Toronto Area (extra shipping for out of province)

A monthly delivery of herbal goodies to your front door
Each month you receive three items plus an easy D.I.Y tip included in the informative newsletter.

The CSH runs from May to November and costs $250 OR you can choose the flexible plan and pay $45 per month.

Expect to receive herbal honeys, nourishing infusions, effective bug spray, natural sunscreen, hair care, tinctures, etc...!  


Tucson, AZ by mail order to the u.s. (international available, please ask for shipping quotes)

The Blue Turtle Botanicals Herbal CSA is:
  • delivery to your home each month through the mail- you never have to go anywhere to pick up your share (pick up is available in Tucson, AZ)
  • 3 new fresh, handmade products each month
  • offers multiple share lengths, and payment plans
  • provides the freshest, most potent plant medicine and products for your personal use (products are made seasonally, and fresh- nothing sitting on a shelf for months on end!)
  • offers a wide variety of medicines and product types for all tastes- including tinctures, elixirs, medicinal tea blends, infused healing oils, salves, luscious body care, flower essences, vinegars and more!
  • comes with educational information each month about each of the plants included in your share products, and suggestions on how to use the products

Earthways Sacred Wisdom 
with Jenn Allen (Yogifarmgirl)
Pocono Mountains, PA (ship throughout the US

A monthly CSA limited to 10 members per month.  Each month echoes a theme and may include tea, tincture, elixir, syrup, bodycare, incense, pr perfume.  Minimum of at least four items per month and also includes an informative newsletter of folklore, recipes, monographs and support that month's products.

Farm at Coventry by  Susan Hess

Location: Elverson, PA (Southeastern PA) Available for pickup and shipping

Community Supported Wellness shares are currently distributed in four quarterly packages. Bring the 'backyard healthcare' movement right into your own home by supporting locally grown, high quality handcrafted herbal products that have been carefully selected by seasonal need. 

Each share will include any abundant combination of culinary, therapeutic or scent-sational herbal gifts such as : *herbal/floral jams*dried/fresh herbs *salves  *tinctures/elixirs*herb-infused syrups/honeys/vinegars/shrubs* herb-infused massage oils/liniments *tea blends *culinary/therapeutic pastes & so much more. 

A full color seasonal newsletter will also  accompany each share detailing it's contents and how to use them


Based in Cambridge, Minnesota with local drop sites throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

For the Love of Dandelions is an herbal CSA based in Cambridge, MN. Six consecutive monthly shares are filled with sustainably cultivated and wildcrafted herbs, tinctures, salves, vinegars, soap, lip balm and more. Each monthly share includes 4 different products as well as fresh herbs (as allowed by the growing season). A newsletter helps members to incorporate these and other herbs into their daily lives.


Austin TX, serving anywhere in US. Local Pick-up and Long-distance shipping options available

Each month, your share will include custom selected items. You will receive an email before shipping, describing the items. If for some reason you would like to trade an item for something else, we will do everything we can to arrange that. We want you to be thrilled with each and every month’s share!

Your monthly share may include the following:
  • medicinal tincture, typically relevant to the season
  • herbal cordial or elixir
  • alcohol-free glycerine tincture
  • healing salve
  • therapeutic oil, body cream or lotion
  • body care product
  • organic herbal tea blend
  • therapeutic syrup (e.g. cough syrup, iron syrup, etc)

Herbal Revolution (Kathi Langelier) 
I am located in mid-coast Maine, I offer mail order shares for the herbal CSA along with local shares.

Herbal Revolutions medicinal CSA offers 3 month and 6 month organic shares that include 1 1oz tincture, 1 large tea tin, 1 1/2 flower essence and an extra product that could be an elixir, salve, herbal oil, body butter, etc.  Each monthly package will also included herbal recipes, write up on the herb of the month and information on the products that you have chosen and the best ways to use them.

Through supporting an Herbal CSA you are supporting small farms run by individual herbalists such as myself who specialize in the craft of herbal medicine making on a small and intimate scale.


Just Herbals CSA

Ipswich, MA (local distribution only, because there are weekly pick-ups of fresh herbs)

The medicinal herb CSA from Just Herbals provides a unique experience because we offer weekly pick-ups of fresh unprocessed herbs, not pre-made products, while emphasizing education, connection & hands on experience with live plants. Classes in herbal medicine making & plant walks are offered in conjunction with the share, where participants get hands on experience making medicine with herbs received in their shares. The aim of this CSA model is to empower it's participants in taking home healthcare into their own hands, while further enriching & strengthening community herbalism in Massachusetts' north shore.


King's Road Apothecary is called the Monthly Herbal Surprise box. Every month you get a selection of goodies, made from wild and hand crafted ingredients, plus information on how to use these ingredients that bring you closer to nature and your surroundings. Each month contains four items, possibilities being: 

  • Scented herbal room spray
  • Herbal lotion (sage, rosemary, bay and mint)
  • Infused honey (jeffrey pine infused honey is divine)
  • Herbal face cream (think rose-infused, age-defying goodness)
  • Infused body oil 
  • Herbal bitters blends
  • Liqueurs
  • Infused spirits (spiced rum? Spruce tip vodka?)
  • Hand made scented candle 
  • Tea blend made from wild gathered plants
  • Various seasonal tinctures (detox in the spring, cooling in the summer, nourishing in the winter)
  • Salves (sunburn, chapped winter hands)
  • Culinary herb blends
  • Herbal syrups (have you ever tasted white fir infused syrup?)
  • Oxymel (elderberry oxymel anybody?)
  • Infused oil (Douglas fir infused olive oil makes for delicious lunches)
Monthly, six month and twelve month subscriptions available. 


Location: Grand Rapids, MI

The 2013 Deep Winter Herbal CSA is a hyperlocal apothecary kit of organic and local herbs selected specifically to support winter wellness.  The Deep Winter Herbal CSA herbal creations have been grown and wildcrafted and prepared in the traditional folk medicine way by community herbalist Lisa Rose Starner. 

In addition to getting a home-grown apothecary to help you care for your winter wellness, you'll be offered 2 hands-on classes to learn more about the herbs in your apothecary at the Uptown Kitchen in Easttown as well as (1) certificate to a plant walk class later in the spring hosted at Starner's urban homestead, The Urban Ranch


Loveland and Front Range Colorado as well as offering free shipping to distant (within the US) subscribers.

Morgan Botanicals offers year-a-round Large and Small Herbal CSA Memberships so you can enjoy fresh seasonal herbals that are homegrown, wildgathered, handmade and delivered to your door! By becoming a member you will build your own home supply of herbal medicines, learn more about how to use local and medicinal plants, and explore new ways of taking charge of your own health. Each season 20 new members will receive 3 boxes full of herbal offerings (and information on how to use them) such as infused honeys, loose teas, sweet elixirs or syrups, medicinal oils and salves, liniments, toothpowders, vinagars and plenty of other herbally goodnesses!  (Monthly payments are available, please inquire at herbalist at morganbotanicals dot com)


Ship anywhere in the UK

I grow and gather my own herbs in Dorset, UK in order to provide the most vibrant and fresh herbs possible for my patients. Over the seasons I find that I have some surplus and I am able to share this with a select few members of my Herb Share Scheme. This is probably best described as a cross between a herbal box scheme and a course in home herbalism.
Members sign up for a three month period and receive three parcels containing four hand crafted herbal items such as 2 packs of dried herbs or tea blends, a 100ml bottle of tincture, infused oil or tonic, a 30ml jar of ointment or cream. 

Herb Share parcels also can include salt scrubs and body oils, capsules, oxymels, spice blends or cough sweets.  The contents are seasonal and reflect the harvesting and medicine making activities here at my clinic.

Each month members receive instructions on how to use the herbs and information about them so that they are learning how to incorporate herbs into their family healthcare as well as gaining an introduction to staying well through holistic principles. 


Portland Apothecary
Location: We are located in Portland, OR. For locals we have our CSH Share pickup at a different venue each quarterly season. It might be a pop up shop with other makers, or an open studio, or even under a large tree in a park. We like to have the share pick up be fun and varied. We also do mail out our CSH Shares all across the country and are happy to do so. 

About: We are strong believers in preventative medicine and it's contribution to vibrant and healthy communities. Portland Apothecary's CSH Shares will be offered four times a year -- Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer. It is our hope that these Shares will reconnect you to the seasons and to their particular nuances. For example, Autumn is associated with the Lung, with the color white, with dryness, the direction West and with grief. Our Share for Autumn will focus on respiratory health, the transition into winter and nurturance. We blend Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Herbalism to create our Shares. 

Each CSH Share will contain small batch, handcrafted medicinals that will help you move through the seasons with health and awareness. Your Share will always come with a detailed description of the season and what ways you can meet the challenges of that season with health. You’ve heard of seasonal eating at this point, well—this is seasonal healthcare. We want to keep you from getting sick to begin with. You’ll find a wide range of herbal remedies in each Share ranging from tinctures & teas to artisanal soap & medicinal honey.


Southern Herbalist :: Sacred Hoop Herbals
Dana Tate

Location: Tupelo MS (Ship within the U.S.)

My Herbal Love CSA packages are created with self-care in mind. Each month I send out amazing, soul nourishing elixirs, salves, oxymels, anointing oils and ceremonial goodies to help women connect with their bodies and their relationship with nature.


The Wild Garden
Serving: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Free shipping in Ontario)

The Wild Food and Herb CSA runs quarterly throughout the year changing with the seasons, following the rhythms of nature. Each delivery comes with a newsletter highlighting the products for the month, with lots of information, historical lore, recipes and more! CSA members also enjoy free access to any walks and workshops offered by the Wild Garden, during the quarter for which they are subscribed. 


Wild Seed Apothecary by Erin Domagal
Shares are available for pickup in Rosendale, NY or shipped to anywhere in the continental US.

- Seasonal CSH (Community Supported Herbalism)
Seasonal transitions place our bodies under an increased amount of stress as our internal state works to acclimate to changes in the environment. At these times it becomes increasingly important to be mindful of our bodies, as we are more likely to feel rundown, exhausted or overwhelmed. In order to help your body maintain optimum health throughout the year, Wild Seed Apothecary offers a bundle of herbal products that is geared toward supporting your body through the different particulars each season brings

CSH Shares include the following items, as well as information on each product, seasonal-specific health tips, and an informational plant card:
·         single herb and compound formula tinctures (Echinacea extract, headache relief tincture, etc)
·         herbal teas (nourishing nettles, sweet dreams tea blend, etc)
·         skin care products (salve, skin cream, lip balm, facial scrub, toner, etc)
·         specialty items (syrups, elixirs, vinegars, herbal honey, etc)

Available in SMALL (4 products) or LARGE (7 products)


The Withered Herb (Sue Kusch)
Columbia River Gorge (WA) but ship throughout the lower 48

Seasonal Herbal CSA
A seasonal collection of medicinal herbal products handcrafted with organically grown herbs from my abundant gardens, wildcrafted from the nearby woods and fields or purchased from a certified organic supplier.  The ingredients are free of industrial chemicals, and I guarantee that you will be able to pronounce everything listed as an ingredients
               Medicinal herbal tea blends
               Infused honeys & oxymels
               Herbal syrups
               Healing oils, balms & salves
               Herbal bath salts & other body care delights
               Bone Broth Kits

Sign up for my monthly newsletter and Like my Facebook Page for the latest in my products.


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iamthatiamjess said...

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