Teaching Availability

Rosalee de la Forȇt is available to share her knowledge at herbal and natural health conferences. She is a dynamic presenter relying on personal experience and traditional herbal medicine as a means of presenting herbal knowledge. 

She specializes in clinical herbalism topics, ethnobotanical topics (as related to western North America) and in exploring eastern traditional herbal medicine for western herbalists. 

If you are interested in inviting Rosalee speak at your event you can contact her by email here. Please note she is full for 2014. 

Here is a sample of topics that Rosalee is eager to share. More topics are available upon request. 

Authentic Online Marketing for Herbalists 1.5 - 3 hours
This class will demystify online marketing with specific considerations for the herbal practitioner and for the sale of herbal products. We’ll take a closer look at social media, websites, blogs and email to give you practical tips to get the most out of online marketing. For the past four years I have earned the majority of my income from online endeavors and for the first time I’ll be sharing my best tips and marketing secrets. The overall emphasis of this class will be on practicality and effectiveness so that you walk out of the class with a clear vision of how to best succeed in the online world. 

Taste of Herbs 1.5 hours 
Our sense of taste is one of our most powerful herbal tools! In this class we will explore how herbal actions and energetics can be understood simply by their taste.  We’ll learn which taste is nourishing and building, which taste goes to the lungs and which taste drains and detoxifies. Refining your own sense of taste helps you to understand your bio-regional herbs, detect the potency of herbs, and become more creative in substituting one herb for another. 

Holistic Perspectives for the Immune System 1.5 - 2 hours
Do you have frequent colds or the flu? Seasonal allergies? Autoimmunity concerns? In this class we’ll begin by learning basic anatomy and physiology of the immune system and then move on to learning how to address particular pathologies. We’ll cover a wide range of herbal materia medica and other holistic approaches.  

Gifts of Plants 1.5 hours
Whether we live in the wilderness or in the city, we can enrich our interactions with the world around us by using the gifts found there. From the practical to the beautiful we will learn about plants growing all over North America.  In this presentation we will re-discover the many gifts and lessons they have to offer. This demonstration includes a variety of props and stories that bring this topic alive. 

Detecting False Heat: Understanding Yin Deficiency for Western Herbalists (1.5 hrs) 
Yin deficiency is one of the most difficult concepts in Chinese Medicine for the western practitioner. However, it is one that is incredibly important in understanding how to differentiate symptoms of true heat vs. symptoms of false heat. This class will demystify this concept and show how to use western herbs and other strategies to relieve the symptoms of heat. We’ll be looking at specific pathologies often related to yin deficiency such as hot flashes, dry coughs, exhaustion, restless sleep, mental anxiety and digestive imbalances.

Understanding Cold and Flu Symptoms Energetically 1.5 hours to 6 hours
Herbal Medicine was never meant to be practiced as "this herb" for "that condition." Instead, we are always striving to create balance and well being for the client. In this class we'll go through common cold and flu symptoms to diagnose excess heat or excess coldness along with excess damp or excess dryness. We'll then discuss how to best match the herbs to the symptoms of the individual. 

Herbal Actions 2 hours
Emmenagogues? Alterative? Diaphoretic? Ever get the feeling that learning herbalism can be like learning a whole new language? In this class we’ll go beyond the classic two-sentence description of herbal actions to gain a deeper comprehension of how to use these glossary terms to match people and herbs together. This class will be like receiving a mini blue-print to herbalism. 

The Importance of Digestion from a Traditional Lens 1.5 hours
Digestion is considered one of the main pillars for good health. This class explores how to prevent digestive woes as well as how to work with digestive problems energetically. In this class we'll move away from thinking of diseases as words, such as ulcers, IBS or GERD.  Instead we will understand how to bring balance to someone's digestive system.  This can be accomplished by evaluating for excess heat, stagnancy, excess coldness, etc.  When we see the body as a whole, we can then treat for balance.

Rosalee has presented at: 

  • International Herb Symposium
  • International Integrative Educational Institute
  • Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference
  • Webinars with Michael Tierra
  • HerbMentor
  • LearningHerbs
  • Montana Herb Gathering
  • Alberta Herb Gathering
  • Northwest Herbal Fair
  • Earthwalk Northwest
  • Skalitude Retreats
  • Dandelion Botanical Company

What people are saying about Rosalee's teaching... 

Rosalee masterfully fuses the theoretical components of herbal medicine with practical and specific modalities of using herbs safely and effectively. Rosalee’s passion for botanical medicine illuminates from her being and I found her teachings encouraging and inspiring. Rosalee leaves her students with feelings of empowerment, self-sufficiency for their own health and well-being and with the energy and motivation to learn more and share with our communities. It is obvious Rosalee has been inspired by the forces of nature and she is compelled to spread the message. -Heidy Adams

Rosalee and HerbMentor very generously offer beautiful recipes and skills you will surely love! What I appreciate most about Rosalee de la Forêt and her work with HM is that I know she not only commits lots of time to polishing her recipes, but she does so with a wealth of knowledge and a TON of LOVE. In other words, I feel confident in this pair as a resource for anyone who is first learning (or even seasoned) because I trust the source. I've been enjoying HerbMentor since the day they opened their doors. -Ananda Wilson

I just felt inspired to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication, your growing awareness and knowledge, your communication skills, empathy and incredible thoughtful suggestions and direction you share.  I also resonate with your apparent respect for life and lifestyle choices.  Really feel you are such a gem. - TS

Rosalee ~ You did an incredible job presenting a wealth of information in an easy to follow manner. Also, loved your choice of visuals - very eye-catching & pertinent to the material. Namaste' - PB

You are an amazing herbalist!!  and Bi-lingual too! :)   Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and your beautiful photos...  You seem really connected to the plants and their spirits. -FS

Dear Rosalee,
A week past the autumn cleanse and I am still feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 
I am so excited with the knowledge we received that I have been sharing your handout and links with many family with friends.
So looking forward to attending another class. 
Thank you !
Marilyn Kopansky

I love your webinars..I met you at the conference in New Mexico and I love the way you see herbal medicine!. the anthropological and community approach... it is just beautiful.... I wish I could see soon a mentorship or long distance class... - CS

Rosalee: Loved the seminar! You did an excellent job of putting together the presentation and included great material. The translation of the formulas from TCM to Western was an added bonus! Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your knowledge with us! - BP

Rosalee. I'm so impressed with your work and how you make herbal healing accessible and easy to understand. -MH

Loved the webinar Rosalee! All of your hard work and time is greatly appreciated :) Thanks! - LK

Lovely webinar. I am happy I made it! You teach very well. Thank you. - TM

Rosalee I totally enjoyed your webinar. Very professional and educational. Had forgotten the onion syrup recipe and thanks for reminding me pine needle tea in apple cider vinegar is valuable for thick congested coughs. Really great presentation and recipes! - RL

Thanks for introducing me to the concept of the "taste" of herbs. I am intrigued by the communication between herb & herbalist.... .this is a wonderful way to narrow down the field when choosing a healing herb for a particular situation.
Green Blessings!!!!! - KL


I really enjoyed the class! There was so much great information shared. Thank you for making it possible. -PW

I enjoyed the class very much and was extremely grateful for the opportunity to buy the extended version of the book ( I had the short version) as I was getting writers cramp trying to take notes! I too would love to see a distance class some time. -PD

I love all that you share Rosalee.... -LW

Hi Rosalee - Just wanted to thank you for your professional presentation at Dandelion. - GZ

Your article on Balsam root is inspiring! I hope I can grow this plant in California, cuz I sure want to try now! Is there anyone who makes a good tincture of it to taste? Thanks as always for your excellent information. VA

You have some wonderful new ideas this year! I can't wait for my Mountain Rose order to get here so I can start on the Bay Rum aftershave. I don't know how you keep coming up with new and more amazing ideas every year, but don't stop, please! - KD

Thanks for all the connections between our bodies, our tastes and the herbs we are blessed to live with! - SB

Thank you, Rosalee, for a wonderful talk on herb energetics! I enjoyed it and will definitely be downloading some info from the links you gave us. - LS

Well presented, Rosalee! -PW

great presentation last night! i thoroughly enjoyed it! -CS

Great job Rosalee! I really enjoyed it :) -RFP

Wonderful webinar Rosalee:) You did a spectacular job! Thank you very much -LP

Great job, Rosalee! I really enjoyed the webinar! -TS

Rosalee, that was absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ - SD

Thanks for sharing...wonderful presentation~ inspired and grateful to be connected now...... -KH

You were great, Rosalee! As always, your photos were especially remarkable to me. Wonderful job with the whole thing! - MR

That was a wonderful presentation! Thanks so much Rosalee! - LK

 Great presentation; I learned a lot. It also piqued my interest in learning more. And the pdf chart is good for afterstudy. Thanks. -BCS

That was great, Rosalee! Very well organized. I liked the blend of different herbal traditions. Thank-you! - MW

Great job on the webinar Rosalee. -NBW

Thank you for the webinar....very interesting!!! -KL

Awesome webinar, Rosalee! Thanks! :-) -BPL

great job! i love your chart and pictures!! -DB

Great job on the webinar! Very nice presentation. -CMB

Rosalee that was amazing! Thank you!! -SDH

Great webinar Rosalee!! -ES

Awesome Webinar!!! Thanks Rosalee!!! -LG