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Endorsements from Herbalists

Testimonials from people Rosalee has worked with

I came to Rosalee with multiple issues including eczema, poor digestion and unhealthy levels of anxiety.  Guided by her wisdom and experience, we worked together to identify and treat the root of the problem, which significantly improved my condition and overall well being.  She provided a safe and gentle space where I always felt comfortable and empowered to offer input and ask questions.  I truly appreciate that Rosalee engaged me as a partner in my own treatment and healing.  
R.L. Seattle, WA

Rosalee offers a very thorough and personable herbal consultation, even though mine was done over the telephone and the internet. Not only did she help me get a bout of ulcerative colitis under control through medicinal herbs and nourishing food options, she continues to advise me on keeping it at bay. Her wealth of knowledge has been invaluable to me as client and as a student.
–L. Kloster

Before my health consultation with Rosalee, I followed her blog and participated in a couple webinars she taught.  I was very impressed with her range of knowledge and her overall grounded perspective on health.  My approach to health has progressively moved toward using foods and herbs for medicine and my primary reason for scheduling a consultation with her was to establish a relationship with an herbalist so that I could expand my knowledge and fine tune the things I was already doing.  

As it turned out, I had some life changes before we met and I found myself dealing with old symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  Unfortunately, I was not making substantial progress on my own and I was beginning to feel very frustrated. Rather than working with her on general fine-tuning of my health, I had some immediate issues I needed help to resolve.  

I appreciated Rosalee’s organized process for gathering information from me prior to meeting.  Her intake form is comprehensive and it provided a solid framework for me to be self reflective about my health history.  When we met, it was clear she had spent time familiarizing herself with all the information I provided her.  She carefully guided me through a combination of directed questions and open-ended inquiry that more deeply clarified what my body meant by the “chronic fatigue” and “fibromyalgia” monikers.  

Within 24 hours of our consultation, Rosalee provided me a set of recommendations that included dosages, durations for use and why she was recommending them.  She encouraged me to provide her feedback and to feel free to ask lots of questions.  We also had a follow up consultation a couple weeks later to check progress and adjust my plan as needed.

Within 2 or 3 weeks of following her recommendations, I had an amazing 80% improvement in my symptoms.  I continue to improve and I’m back to feeling really well.  Now I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Rosalee to do all that fine-tuning.  I see my relationship with her as much more primary to my health than the one I have with my medical doctor and she will be who I’ll rely on for health concerns in the future.

Rosalee demonstrates an impressive ability to integrate her training in Western Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medecine and Ayurveda.  She is also very articulate about how and why she incorporates each system into her recommendations.  My advice to anyone who is thinking about working with Rosalee is, What are you waiting for?   

-Kate Sinon
Bellevue, WA

Rosalee is always learning and giving.  She has personally helped me with a plethora of questions and health challenges for myself and my loved ones. I am so deeply thankful for the privilege of interacting with her.

-H. Drake

All of my sessions with Rosalee have been very productive. Her expansive knowledge has enabled her to suggest options that both address my needs and fit into my lifestyle. Additionally, Roselee's empathetic "bed side manner" allows her to gently prompt me to make beneficial life style changes to improve my health.
-I. Stevens

 I love the consistency in your teachings starting with the foundation and building from there.  I find when I read others' posts, I'm starting to have an idea of what you'll say.  I think of it like, "what would Rosalee say".  Thanks for teaching not only how to care for acute situations but more importantly how to build in habits to care for ourselves everyday. 
-Victoria B

I feel so much better today, and that's due in large part to the "Hope Factor" from your advice.  Thank you for everything you do.

Thank you, Rosalee, for all the wise and caring advice you've given to every one of us in need.  You have always been there to guide and share your knowledge with us.  I will always remember you as my first herbal teacher.
Blessings forever. 


I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your e-book on the nourishing herbal  infusions!   We have been drinking them daily and especially like the oatstraw and nettle!  We already eat a very healthy diet, and just feel more nourished since  including the infusions and have also noticed increased energy. 
Blessings, R. B.

Rosalee, Your encouragement and council has comforted so many who are in need. You are an energetic and enthusiastic herbalist who has inspired many including myself. Best wishes on your continued success. 

-N. Vickery