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Your Herbal Mentor

Are you a dedicated herbal student, ready to expand your herbal knowledge?

Are you struggling to build your herbal business? 

My mentorship program can increase your confidence in using herbs and provide practical ways to grow your herbal business. 

These one-on-one sessions by telephone offer personalized guidance for those inspired to take their herbal education to the next level. 

Rosalee's Mentorship Program is full.
If you would like to be notified of when it opens again please register below. 

How I grew through an herbal mentorship. 

For several years I was very frustrated in my herbal studies. Don't get me wrong, I love to learn and for the past ten years I had been focused on learning all that I could about herbs, holistic health and the human body. 

But no matter how many classes I took, something was missing. What I really wanted was to help people with their chronic health problems using herbs and other natural therapies. But most of the information I needed to know wasn't found in broad course topics and group classes. What I really needed was one-on-one help with my own case studies so that I could see how herbs work in the real world. 

  • How do you know how to figure out an individual's dosage? 
  • How do you create a personalized plan that gets results but isn't overwhelming? 
  • When do you know the plan is working or isn't working? 
  • When do you change the plan? 
  • How do you treat the root of somebody's problem rather than use herbs to treat symptoms? 

So while book learning and classroom learning had been extremely valuable, I really needed to move beyond theory or what herbs look like on paper and see how they work for people. 

Amidst this time of frustration I was incredibly lucky to find KP Khalsa. I really liked his style and his straightforward demeanor. He became my mentor and I worked with him frequently over a three-year time period. I still schedule sessions with him when I am working with a particularly difficult case and want his decades of expertise. 

It was really through my mentorship that I began to thrive as an herbalist. My ability to work with complicated cases increased dramatically and, with it, my confidence as an herbalist soared. 

I created this mentorship program because I love working with enthusiastic herbal students and I want to help people make the same transitions that I did. The more knowledgeable and confident practicing herbalists we have out there the better! 

Would you benefit from an herbal mentorship? 

Are you an enthusiastic herbalist? Do you want personalized guidance to dramatically move you towards your goals? Do you need help with focusing your energies to more quickly reach your goals? 

I work with inspired and self-motivated herbal students who want to move their herbal education beyond book work and into hands-on experience. I am especially interested in working with people who want to build a long-term mentoring relationship. 

A mentorship is a great adjunct to your own self-directed studies, or as a complement to a long distance herbal course you are taking. Throughout the mentorship program we work together to accelerate your growth in your herbal studies. 

What are the areas covered in an herbal mentorship? 

This mentorship program offers you the opportunity to completely create our areas of focus. This means you learn exactly what you want to learn! Here are some examples of areas that current mentorship students are working on. 

1. Case Studies
Our time together is a perfect opportunity for you to present difficult or new case studies that you are working on. Case studies give you real life examples of seeing herbs in practice and can also highlight new areas of study. (Once accepted to the herbal mentorship you will receive a packet outlining how I like to do case studies. You are welcome, however, to do them in whatever way serves you.) 

2. Questions and clarifications
As you go through your day, I encourage you to write down your herbal questions so that we can go over them together. I will either have that information for you immediately, or point you to the resource that will answer your question. 

3. Needing accountability?
We now have a plethora of long distance herbal schools that offer wonderful herbal education. However, I repeatedly find people who sign up for a long distance program but have difficulty completing the coursework. A regular mentorship time with me offers a space to create study habits and be held accountable for coursework goals. 

4. Time Management Skills
One issue that comes up for people in the mentorship program is not having enough time in the day to do everything they want. I am also quite busy and have spent a lot of time studying time management skills so that I can get the most out of my day. Many of the mentorship participants have really benefited learning ways to get more done in an easier way!

5. Help starting an herbal practice
I've successfully started two herbal practices and have learned a lot along the way. If you are wanting to start an herbal practice and would like support in that process, a mentorship is a great way to learn that information. 

6. Internet Marketing for Herbalists
I make most of my income from the digital world and have extensive experience creating ebooks, presenting webinars, blogging, website building, and successful social media strategies. I love working with herbalists to help them create a successful business. 

Other practical skills I often mentors students in. 

  • Intake process
  • Creating case studies
  • Guidance with analysis, treatment strategies and herbal plans
  • Understanding dosage for individuals
  • Creating herbal formulas
  • Creating systems to handle a growing clientele
  • Navigating social media for your business
  • Creating a website that works

What does the mentorship include? 

My mentorship programs range from 6 - 9 months in length. They include: 

  • Either 6 or 12 mentorship sessions that are 60 minutes in length via the phone or Skype. What we go over in this sessions is entirely led by you! This type of one-on-one mentorship allows for you to learn exactly what you are seeking. 
  • 6 Newsletters that I've written exclusively for my mentorship students. These newsletters are written to help grow your herbal knowledge, create better time management skills and expand your herbal business. 
  • A written synopsis of each session including any resources I share during our session. 

Scheduling appointments
You can schedule your mentorship appointments with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My appointment times (in Pacific time) are as follows. In order to participate in the mentorship you will need to be able to schedule appointments during these times. 

Tuesdays: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Thursdays: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

 I love the consistency in your teachings, starting with the foundation and building from there.  I'm starting to have an idea of what you'll say.  I think of it like, "what would Rosalee say".  Thanks for teaching not only how to care for acute situations but more importantly how to build in habits to care for ourselves everyday.  
-Victoria B

What is the cost of the mentorship program? 

There are two different mentorship programs.

Elecampane Mentorship Program

This program is for the serious herbal student who wants to grow their practice, go through their case studies and/or has lots of advanced herbal questions. It is ideal for those who want continuing guidance or are working on a large project. This mentorship program is completed within 9 months. 

This program includes: 
  • 12 mentorship sessions that are 60 minutes in length (via phone or skype)
  • a written summary of what is discussed during your mentorship session
  • 6 exclusive newsletters from Rosalee (published once a month)

There are two payment options

Pay in full: $597
The best value with a 10 percent discount over the Chickweed Program

Payment Plan
Two payments $315 via paypal


Chickweed Mentorship Program

This program is for those who want a taste of the mentorship program. It can be completed in up to 6 months. 

This program includes

  • 6 mentorship sessions that are 60 minutes in length (via phone or skype)
  • a written summary of what is discussed during your mentorship session
  • 6 exclusive newsletters from Rosalee (published once a month)

There are two payment options

Pay in full: $347

Payment Plan: two payments of $185

One time session
I occasionally work with herbalists on a one time basis to assist them in a particular project. The cost per hour for these sessions is $85. Email me to inquire about availability and to set up an appointment. 

How do I apply for the herbal mentorship? 

Rosalee's Mentorship Program is full.

1. The first step is to  fill out an application by clicking here. 

When you finish the application you will be automatically directed to scheduling a free 15 minute appointment with me so that we can further discuss your mentorship goals on the phone. 

2. If we both decide that we will work well together, you can decide which program works well for you, make your payment and the mentorship will officially begin! 

I have had several herbal mentors along the way and each one has transformed my herbal journey in many positive ways. I look forward to being a part of your herbal journey! 

Thank you, Rosalee, for all the wise and caring advice you've given to every one of us in need.  You have always been there to guide and share your knowledge with us.  I will always remember you as my first herbal teacher.  
Blessings forever, Karen

Please note: This program is not affiliated with or 
Working with me in a mentorship relationship is not designed for personal self-healing. Please see my personal consultations for this type of work. 

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