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The Art of Herbalism

Most people think that using herbs is simply about substituting an herb for a pharmaceutical or over the counter medication. 

Have a cold? Use Echinacea instead of Tylenol. 

Have arthritis? Use turmeric instead of Celebrex. 

Have reflux? Take marshmallow instead of the purple pill. 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach. It’s simple. And sometimes it works. 

But it’s not herbalism. 

My vision for this website is to help people see there is an art to herbalism. That using herbs can be a lot more creative, fun and effective when used within a system of herbal theory. 

There is a lot more to herbs and herbalism than a simple “natural remedy”. Herbs can connect to us nature and they can empower us to take responsibility for our health. And while herbs can lower someone’s high blood pressure or soothe a sore throat they can also heal emotional wounds. 

There's a beauty and art to herbalism that goes as far down the rabbit hole as you are willing to go! 

What is on this site? 

My most popular posts on this blog are my herbal monographs. These thorough essays are written to illustrate how herbs work within the framework of herbalism. I write these for people who are truly interested in learning about herbalism not simply what they can take to replace their pharmaceuticals. 

See the entire listing of my herbal monographs here

I also write about subjects related to the practice of using herbs such as how to make sense of herbal measurements and why herbs don’t work

My hope is that this website is a resource to herbalists which is why I have resource lists highlighting other herbalists like my favorite herbal books, the complete herbal blogroll and a listing of herbal CSAs

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Here are my most popular herbal monographs. 

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