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Anonymous said...

I'm in Australia on the Sunshine COast. We make handmade organic Herbal medicines for our clients only and have a free clinic each saturday at Eumundi Markets. My web site is facebook twitter @dominiquefinney
Love to connect with you guys.

Women's Intimate Solutions said...

Thank you so much for doing this - what a lot of work! I enjoyed reading about Echinacea - little did I know! No rattlesnakes in NH that I know of...

Best wishes, Helen, Owner of Women's Intimate Solutions

Unknown said...

Your website is marvelous! I'm so happy that you featured Maurice Messague. I don't know if you were present in any of my classes where I presented foot and hand baths as a way to administer herbs. I think he would make about a gallon of tea a week and his clients would come and buy it from his to use. Adding a little potassium sorbate will extend the life of these solutions.

Wonderful site and I'm proud to have served as one of your teachers. You are a born herbalist!

Michael Tierra

Sara Perales said...

I have yet to read all of your posts but I can honestly say that with my voracious reading habits it won't take me long. I'm currently saving money with my small family so I can finish my college track in Clinical Herbalism, but for now I remain an aspiring herbalist. Your posts are easy to understand and very helpful in my need to learn outside of the classroom, but I have so many questions that pop into my head at random times. One of the most prevalent in my maelstrom of a mind is that I have noticed that most herbalists are typically specialized to a region(most of the time one they grew up around)and heavily use local herbs and remedies that are native to the area. I am from NM but going to study in CO. The plants I have used as a child like yucca, prickly pear, and juniper are less common there, will that affect the way I am taught? Is it common to travel out-of-region to study? Should I do the same and make a habit of using herbs from my childhood region? I haven't seen any Desert Highland/Grassland specialized herbalists yet, is this an odd region to utilize? Sorry I know I only said one question, but a lot of them are linked and can hopefully be answered in tandem. You are an awesome lady, I hope to hear from you if you have a moment.

Thanks, Sara

Rosalee de la ForĂȘt said...

Seems like a good idea to ask the school in CO about their focus on materia medica. There are lots of herbalists who specialize in southwestern plants. John Slattery, Kiva Rose, Charles Kane, Michael Moore, Darcy Blue and many I am forgetting at the moment. Oh, Low-Dog too.

You might enjoy I am the Educational Director there (so totally biased) It's a great place to connect with other herbalists and we have a very active forum for all those questions that pop up. :)

Tiffany G said...

Thank you so much for releasing a best herb books page. I know how daunting it is to even think about the favored thing that helped your progression in any given task but herbs is so vast and often overwhelming.
My issue is not what to read but rather which direction to go. Do you have any suggestions as to how to figure out where one must go with herbs? I do not expect you to tell me which direction just a suggestion as to how to hone it down a bit.
Thank you again. I'm grateful for your enthusiasm and willingness to share your talent and knowledge with us all.

Rosalee de la ForĂȘt said...

There are so many different herbal avenues to wander down! When just starting out I would simply follow your own inspiration. Seek out and learn the things that are relevant to your life and that are exciting to you. offers an amazing array of information, interviews, articles, videos, etc for a really low price. It's a great place to get your feet wet and experience a bit of everything. We do our best to highlight lots of different herbalists to give folks a broad idea of what's going on in the herbal world. I am the Education Director for LearningHerbs, the company that runs HerbMentor, so I definitely have a biased opinion. :)