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Anonymous said...

I'm in Australia on the Sunshine COast. We make handmade organic Herbal medicines for our clients only and have a free clinic each saturday at Eumundi Markets. My web site is facebook twitter @dominiquefinney
Love to connect with you guys.

Women's Intimate Solutions said...

Thank you so much for doing this - what a lot of work! I enjoyed reading about Echinacea - little did I know! No rattlesnakes in NH that I know of...

Best wishes, Helen, Owner of Women's Intimate Solutions

Unknown said...

Your website is marvelous! I'm so happy that you featured Maurice Messague. I don't know if you were present in any of my classes where I presented foot and hand baths as a way to administer herbs. I think he would make about a gallon of tea a week and his clients would come and buy it from his to use. Adding a little potassium sorbate will extend the life of these solutions.

Wonderful site and I'm proud to have served as one of your teachers. You are a born herbalist!

Michael Tierra