Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peppermint Packs a Powerful Punch

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Mary Banducci said...

Thank you for such a wonderfully informative article! I shared it on facebook for other herbal fans to enjoy.

I love an infusion of peppermint and fennel (sometimes with a little ginger). :D

Anonymous said...

This article was perfectly timed. I had been over-working myself and getting on the verge of developing a cold, so I thought I would put this to the test. I had yarrow and peppermint tea on hand and drank that. It seemed heavier on the yarrow side, though, so I added a drop of peppermint essential oil, and drank carefully- keeping my eyes closed to keep the volatile oils from rising in the steam and right into my eyes-ouch!- and not breathing in the steam too much, either. I also had some elderberry tincture on hand and added that to my regimen. I had to keep working hard at my job, but the herbs and getting as much rest as I could fended the cold off- yeah! Thanks for inspiring me to try peppermint in this way. Alise

bjroet said...

I recently heard that peppermint oil can kill spiders. I didn't "google" or "snopes" this but had an opportunity to see if it would work. We have been overrun by little sugar ants in our kitchen this winter. I didn't want to use chemical insect killer so I used several drops of peppermint on the window sill and the counter top where the little stinkers were coming in. Within an hour there were dead ants! The next morning there were even more dead ants!! So, I'm using peppermint oil to clean the counter tops and using a small rag to rub it on the window sill hoping the ants are repelled enough to finally stay away. A huge bonus is the kitchen smells delightful!