Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer hors d'oeuvres

The seasons are changing here with the air noticeably cooler and the foliage slowly turning from brilliant green to speckles of yellows and browns. 

Which reminded me to share my favorite summer appetizer before it's too late! 

I've been making some variation of this simple treat since I was a teenager. I often bring it to summer potlucks and it's a big hit. 

I'll call it, Marinated Feta Delight

But really it's just feta marinated with lemon juice, herbs and served with tomatoes. 

To make this recipe you'll need

Lemon juice
Fresh or dried herbs such as thyme, chives, oregano
optional: bread or crackers for serving. 

Begin with your chunk of feta. 

Crumble it into smaller pieces. 

Add lemon juice. How much? Oh, I never measure. Enough to wet all the cheese with it, but not so much that it puddles on the bottom. Might as well throw some lemon zest in the mix if you've got it. 

Add your fresh or dried herbs. (Go fresh if possible.) How much? I never measure. 

It's best if you can let this sit overnight, but I've served it right away and it's still good. 

When you are ready to serve... Find some delicious mouth watering heirloom tomatoes. 

Slice them up. 

Then arrange the marinated feta and tomatoes on a plate. Get extra fancy and sprinkle some fresh herbs over it all. 

Serve with bread or crackers. 



PATRICIA said...

Your excellent photography accompanying your recipes makes them mouth-wateringly scrumptious. This looks like another one! I do enjoy feta and find making my own kefir cheese from raw milk "almost" a substitute. I'll try this recipe for lunch today.

Stacey said...

This looks spectacular! I need to make this when our tomatoes start to ripen! Mmmm!