Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sweet Calendula

Aaahhh, Calendula. It’s easy to love this beautiful flower that offers us so many gifts.

Not having a garden this year I relied on Ancestree Herbals to provide me a pound of these sunny flowers.

I tinctured the fresh flowers in everclear. Call me silly, but I have a tough time cutting up flowers for tinctures. Don’t they look so beautiful whole?

The rest my husband laid out to dry.

I’ll be making a varicose vein spray, infused oil, and tea with these. Richo Cech recommends making a tincture with dried flowers, so I may try that as well.

The two main ways I use Calendula is for it’s affinity to the skin and it’s anti-fungal properties.

My favorite lip balm I make is with both calendula and dandelion flowers.


plantainpatch said...

Enjoyed this post! I am also harvesting Calendula. I have it and yarrow steeping in witch hazel for the varicosity spray. I should have added lavendar after reading the Village Herbalist. I may throw some in now anyway though.

Sarah said...

I love calendula too and always try to grow a bedful each year. I've always made calendula infused oil from the dried petals, but wasn't sure why until I was reading Matthew Woods and he said the fresh plant has a high moisture content which is why both tinctures and oils are made from dried herbs.

Don't forget about calendula's anti-inflammatory properties (it's really good with plantain if you have raised CRP levels) and it's a bitter. I've been reading somewhere recently that you can use its bitter qualities for children as it's so mild.

Lovely blog - many thanks