Sunday, October 26, 2008

American Herbalist Guild Symposium I

The last two days have been absolutely full of learning on so many different levels. The best thing about the American Herbalist Guild Symposium has been being surrounded by other herbalists. So often when I say I am an herbalist, those I am talking to give the impression that herbalism is so quaint, in a "that's nice dear" kind of way.

To me, herbalism is a way of life. Connecting me to the earth and to the divine. Yesterday, Jonathon Treasure addressed the American Herbalist Guild to say that there were no healers in that room and furthermore, plants were not the healers either. Instead it is the magic of interaction between the two of them that is the healer. For me herbalism is the evidence of the divine, the magic and ultimate fulfillment of love. Herbalism is a living entity. The use of plants outside my door for food and medicine is how I worship in this incredible church we call Earth.

Which is a rather strange thing to contemplate in the Marriot Hotel of Redmond WA. We sit there surrounded by concrete and shopping malls being served Lipton tea and Starbucks Coffee.

I have so enjoyed it though. My favorite class at the American Herbalist Guild Symposium so far has to be Chanchal Cabrera's on Humoural Medicine. I've been searching and searching for a clear explanation of a western constitutional analysis and finally found it in her class. I could have spent the whole weekend learning with her on this subject, and I am sure I'll spend a lifetime attempting to understand it. I wish I could summarize this here, but that's hard to do with a 90 min lecture - especially with material so new to me. As many of you know Kiva Rose and Matt Wood are both good resources for energetic diagnosis.

Today I have another class by Cabrera on Demulcents and I am still undecided for the afternoon class.

As much as I have loved the American Herbalist Guild Symposium I am, of course, already looking forward to returning home to my loving husband and to our little cabin in the woods far away from shopping malls and Lipton Tea.