Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Blog Party: Bio-regional herbs for Colds and Flu

In this month's herbal blog party, herbalists all over the United States stepped out their front doors to find powerful bio-regional plants that can support us through the cold and flu season.

Thanks to all who participated - I've really enjoyed these posts.


Sean Donahue looks at Swampy Medicine for Swampy Lungs

Cory Trusty with Aquarian Bath shares her experience with elderberry and the H1N1 virus.

Tina Sams from the Essential Herbal Magazine gives us her perspectives from a PA German heritage.

Kristina Bentley beautifully shares her Wintergreen Experiments

Darcey Blue gives us a fresh perspective on Butterfly Weed

Kiva Rose categorically explores many southwest native plants and weeds in the Elder Mother's Pantry

Julie Charette Nunn expands upon herbal relationships and the immune system

Amanda gives us very important prevention strategies for the approaching season

Kristine Brown beautifully illustrates some of her favorite local herbs

I meander out my front door to photograph harvesting and preparing Balsamorhiza sagittata

Gabriel shares how she will be caring for her family during the cold months

Gail discusses two plants for colds and flu in Wyoming

Stephany shares her experiences with Growing you Own Medicine


Aquarian Bath said...

Thanks for hosting! :) Great topic.

Stephany said...

I am running a bit behind but I did get something up. Now I am going to take a moment to read all these great entries.

Assayya said...

hi, i am assayya, a dutch blogger.
a webfriend gave me this link and i like to give my elder anti-flu treatment.
(it is in dutch, but on the page is an google translation option)


cold sores said...

Thanks for sharing.These kind of medicines are what I believe in.