Monday, September 5, 2011

Herbal School Listing

Schools & correspondence courses

Anima Center (Correspondence Courses Available)
Kiva Rose and Jesse Wolf Hardin offer several correspondence courses with optional apprenticeships at their sanctuary in New Mexico. The Medicine Woman Herbal course is designed to provide the student with not only the practical how-to of getting acquainted with traditional botanical medicine, human wellness and the herbs themselves, but also with the knowledge, impetus and support to cultivate intimacy with the plants, self, others and the whole.
Aviva Romm (Correspondence Courses Available)
Aviva is an herbalist, a midwife, med school student of Yale, and author of many fabulous books. She offers an in-depth correspondence course entitled: Herbal Medicine for Women: Certified Women’s Herbal Educator Distance Learning Program
Bastyr University, located in Seattle Washington, offers an undergraduate degree in herbal sciences. On site only.
Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine
We invite you to study herbalism here at the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine.Cross the threshold into THE WAY OF THE WILD HEART and engage the wisdom and spirit of the healing herbs with internationally recognized community herbalist, organic gardener, author and teacher, Gail Faith Edwards as your guide.
California School of Herbal Studies - On Site Only (Sonoma County, CA)
Our mission is to help create sustainable communities by providing Earth centered, community based herbal education. CSHS works to empower individuals with the skills, experience and confidence needed by the community herbalist. Our school teaches from the tradition of western herbalism, with a materia medica primarily made up of North American and European herbs. Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives and herbs are used to complement the Western tradition.
David Winston
Offers a two year herbal studies course in New Jersey and via the web. He also offers extensive reference materials in his Herbal Therapeutics Research Library
Dominion Herbal College
Established in 1926, Dominion Herbal College was the first school of Herbal Medicine to offer clinical level studies in North America.
East West School of Herbology (Correspondence Courses Available)
Michael and Leslie Tierra offer several different correspondence courses from Family Herbalist to a certification track, which once completed, will allow for acceptance into the American Herbalist Guild as a professional member.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthcare resources grounded in Nature. Our work brings clinical herbalism to community practice through the weaving of science, spirit and grassroots activism. We provide one of the nation’s most extensive clinical training opportunities in herbal medicine, rooted in deep connection with the plants and place.
Foundations of Herbalism (Correspondence Courses Available)
Christopher Hobbs offers a one year correspondence course which covers many western herbs.

Four Seasons Herbal Intensive with jim mcdonald
For those of you in the Michigan area (or those interesting moving to get an incredible herbal education) jim mcdonald's year long program is amazing. He offers experienced based learning, lots of time in the field and some of the best herbal energetics theory available today. 
Heart of Herbs and Aromatherapy School
Demetria Clark (author of Herbal Healing for Children) works with each student individually to assist them in achieving their education and herbal goals. The school offers extensive herbal and aromatherapy education programs and have served over 6500 students since 1998, from all over the world. Programs are available through apprenticeship, distance learning and eLearning. Students learn about western herbalism, anatomy, botany, horticulture all in conjunction with evidence based herbal education.
Herbal Transitions
Sharol Tilgner is a naturopathic physician and herbalist who hosts the annual Herb Fest on her farm outside of Eugene, Oregon. She offers a variety of weekend classes, apprenticeships, and longer courses.
International College of Herbal Medicine
This web based college offers a huge range of classes from an impressive list of herbalists such as Isla Burgess and Amanda McQuade Crawford.
K.P. Khalsa (Onsite only)
Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa is the president of the American Herbalist Guild and offers a professional herbalist course which fulfills a lot of requirements for professional membership within the AHG.
Michael Moore (Correspondence Courses Available)
Offers a 12 lesson course via correspondence. 95% of the materials are DVDs. His website also offers a wide variety of materia medica.
North American Institute of Medical Herbalism (Correspondence Courses Available)
The North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, offers introductory, advanced, and clinical training in medical herbalism and clinical nutrition in the vitalist tradition. One of the main faculty is Paul Bergner and he offers classroom, clinical, field training, and distance learning formats. Paul also publishes the quarterly Medical Herbalism journal (since 1989) and frequently leads clinical training trips to Nicaragua.
Northeast School of Botanical Medicine
7Song offers herbal courses in Ithaca New York with a focus on Clinical Herbalism, First Aid and Plant Identification.
Sage Mountain (Correspondence Courses Available)
Rosemary Gladstar’s, The Science & Art of Herbalism correspondence course offers a comprehensive overview of herbalism and prepares the student to competently and effectively use herbs for home health care. It’s an excellent introduction for the beginner/intermediate student of herbalism and gives an in-depth overview of herbalism. For the more advanced student it provides an excellent review and a solid foundation upon which to build their own studies.
School of Integrative Herbology
Candis Cantin offers a great long distance course aimed to help people learn how to integrate Western herbology with the constitutional and lifestyle model of Ayurveda. She also has onsite courses in California.
Southwest School of Botanical Medicine (Correspondence Courses Available)From beloved herbalist Michael Moore, this school offers two different long distance courses. 95% of the materials are DVDs. His website also offers a wide variety of free materials.
Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts
Tai Sophia offers several graduate programs in the healing arts with a graduate program for Herbal Studies as well. Located in Maryland it hosts a fabulous collection of many herbalists teaching the course. On site only.
Wise Woman Center (Correspondence Courses Available)
Author, herbalist and wise woman Susun Weed offers a variety of onsite and correspondence courses. Her school also offers a wide variety of one time classes.
The School of Traditional Western Herbalism
This school is run by Portland-based herbalists Chris Smaka and Hanna Jordan. Guest instructors include Paul Bergner, Margi Flint, Howie Brownstein, Deborah Frances, Jim McDonald, and others.
Howie Brounstein and Steven Yeager focus on botany, wildcrafting and more. Apprenticeships, clinical internships, and more at this Eugene, OR based school.

If you are interested in become a clinical herbalist and would one day like to be eligible for professional membership within the AHG then see their guide for herbal education here

Mountain Rose Herbs has another school listing here.