Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mushrooms, oxymels and herbal cough drops

I have a couple of articles floating out in the ethers that might interest you. The first two articles are free to view, the last one is part of a larger publication that is well worth the price! 

Bee Balm Oxymel 
a spicy native plant for your winter medicine chest. 
This was an article I wrote for HerbMentor News. I generally write about one newsletter a month for HerbMentor News and several more for the holidays. Sign up on their newsletter to get them all. 

Home grown shitake mushrooms - delicious!

Medicinal Mushrooms 
support your immune system with fungi
Written for, this introductory article lists some of my favorite fungi and how I like to use them. 

Medicine Chest for the Cold and Flu Season 
Including my herbal cough drop recipe! 
My latest article in the Plant Healer Magazine is one tiny reason to consider subscribing to this incredible publication. With the mission of enlivening the practice, culture and art of folk herbalism each quarterly issue continues to astound me. Having over 200 pages of some of our best contemporary herbalists sharing their plant experiences is truly a treasure. 

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