Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Roll Spotlight: Yuba Botanicals

Each month I highlight a blog post from one of the blogs on the Complete Herbal Blog Roll that I find particularly delightful. 

This month's Spotlight comes from a relatively new blogger. I recently found out about Holly's blog and although she only has a handful of posts I love every one of them. 

Her post on Juniper Smoked Hemlock Cheese is a shining example of modern wild food cuisine. What impresses me the most is her enthusiasm for hands on experimentation. She learns a new wild plant from a friend and then promptly begins using that plant in a creative way. 

This blog post isn't filled with "so and so says", but instead is a fresh and contemporary reflection of her personal experience using wild and local foods. I appreciate her ability to break from the mold which is something I hope to cultivate more in my own herbal meanderings. 

For the Blog Roll Spotlight I generally only highlight one post in a blog (which leaves me more posts to highlight in the future!), but you also have to see her recipe for Hair Mud as well. I am looking forward to trying that myself. 

I hope you all enjoy Yuba Botanicals as much as I do!