Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A magical adventure story to teach children about herbs

I am so incredibly excited to share a project with you that has been over three years in the making! 

Have you ever wished you knew about herbs and healing when you were younger? 

Have you ever wanted to share the magic of herbs with your children or grandchildren? 

Then you are going to LOVE this!

Herb Fairies is a series of adventure books written by the creator of WildCraft!, the herbal board game, Kimberly Gallagher. These books offer an inspiring tale of herbal adventures that will have your kids on the edge of their seat while learning about herbal medicine. 

Over the past years I’ve been reading these books to the young people in my life and have been able to watch them fall in love with herbs over and over again! 

Click on this link to learn more about these books and to download lots of free bonuses such as posters and coloring pages.

I am so proud of Kimberly and the amazing work she has put into these books. 

I am also very proud to work with a company that is continually raising the bar on herbal education in such fun and creative ways!

Over the next week John and Kimberly will be releasing really cool videos and digital downloads about Herb Fairies. 

 I almost forgot! I’ve had my hands in this project too! I got to make these really cool recipe cards for each book. You’ll get to see one of those this week!