Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pungent Herbal Medicine ebook

Last night I had the honor of presenting a webinar on the Pungent Taste in herbal medicine alongside Michael Tierra. 

For those of you who missed the presentation there is another opportunity to learn about this spicy topic. 

For the next 36 hours my Pungent Herbal Medicine ebook is on sale for $10. 

This ebook is 59 pages in length and covers philosophical considerations of the pungent taste as well as lots of classical and modern herbal recipes and formulas. My goal is that you can start using what you learn immediately in your own life. 

Here's what people are saying about the webinar and ebook... 

Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge! Enjoyed the Webinar last night, very much. Just downloaded your E-book and bonus recipes. So excited to try them. Thanks for all you do.KL

I just downloaded Rosalee de la Foret's ebook ($10) "Pungent Herbal Medicine". There are a lot of uses: digestion, expectorant, diuretic, diaphoretic, blood mover, anti-microbial, kidney support, carminative, anti-viral, anti-depression, coughing, muscle spasms, muscle tension, etc. 40+ common herbs discussed, plus recipes. This is a treasure trove of natural medicine!PR

Incredible webinar and I purchased the ebook on Pungent Herbal Medicine. I am very impressed with your style of presenting as you are very succinct and I like that I can easily understand the information and be able to utilize it immediately!!!D

For more information about this ebook you can visit my website here. 

Also available at this link  is a free pdf download of a summary table on the Taste of Herbs. 

In March I'll be presenting another free webinar on Bitter Herbal Medicine. To be notified of the whens and wheres of the event you can sign up for my newsletter in the left hand column.