Friday, February 11, 2011

Taste of Herbs: Free Webinar Series

Welcome to the official blogpost regarding my free webinar series, The Taste of Herbs. Over the past two months it has been my honor and pleasure to present this free webinar series alongside renowned herbalist, Michael Tierra. 

The next webinar is on Pungent Herbal Medicine and will take place February 15th at 5:30 PST. Please see below to register for this event. 

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Understanding the taste of an herb is an important part of learning herbalism. However, it is rare to find books that give more than a paragraph or two explaining the tastes of herbs. Furthermore these traditional explanations can seem over simplified and too philosophical for the modern herbalist. This webinar series explains each taste in a focused way, giving practical examples of how to use these understandings in your every day life. 

Using our senses to learn how plants work is an innate human skill and one herbalists would benefit from honing. Understanding herbalism through the tastes and through taste sensations helps us to deeply understand the therapeutic qualities of a plant in a concrete way. We can (and probably should) spend hours memorizing information about plants, but once we know a plant through our sensorial experience we will never forget it.   

To me, any herbalist who doesn’t know the taste of an herb but attempts to use it can be compared to a painter who doesn’t know the colors of the rainbow, or a musician who doesn’t know the scales.

 Alan Keith Tillotson


Series Overview

Taste of Herbs
In the first webinar we had a brief look of each of the classical categories of tastes. 

Sweet Herbal Medicine
In the second webinar we looked more closely at the sweet taste. 

Pungent Herbal Medicine
In this next webinar we'll be gaining a planetary understanding of the pungent taste. This webinar takes place February 15th at 5:30 PST. 

These webinars are completely free and you can join any of them even if you missed previous webinars. 

In order to attend please register at the following address. 

We will be giving three more webinars in the future. 

Bitter Herbal Medicine
March (Specific date TBA) 

Sour and Astringent Herbal Medicine
April (Specific date TBA)

Salty Herbal Medicine
Date TBA

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Thanks to all those who have participated in these events so far. Wouldn't be nearly as fun without you all!